Saturday, 17 August 2013

Pressure Washing Business Is A Great Low Cost Business Idea!

When starting a power washing business one of the most important things to consider is whether you are going to buy a hot water pressure or a cold water pressure washer. Your choice will determine the types of contracts and work that is available so you should spend some time pondering your decision.

I not only sold power washers but I also owned my own pressure washing business so this information is well informed. The equipment I sold were mainly hot water units with the heat generated from a kerosene or diesel and was manufactured by an industry leader, Hotsy.

With a hot water high pressure machine you are able to cut your cleaning time down and use less soap and chemicals which is certainly something to advertise in these environmentally friendly times. A cold water unit is much more portable as it is smaller and light weight and can do most of the types of jobs available but does leave out some opportunities.

Advertising your pressure washing business with a hot water unit is a bit more versatileĆ¢€¦ you can offer a green cleaning solution and you can take my route using the term "High Pressure, Hot Water, Steam Cleaning Service". You cover all your bases there and more often than not the public will hit on one of those catch phrases.

On the cold side, you accentuate the fact that there are no diesel fumes and that you can get just about anywhere in order to get the cleaning done. The general public is more familiar with the cold water pressure washers as they see them in Home Depot, Lowes and other big box stores and that helps in branding the type of cleaning service you offer.

A good rule of thumb is to see a hot water high pressure washer as one that can do both commercial (Restaurants use hot water units religiously) and residential where with a cold water pressure washing business you are limited to residential and "some" commercial business.

Going with either one and applying proper business principles, advertising your service and doing quality work will give you a nice living in the pressure washing business. Pressure washing services can generate a real nice income for a real reasonable start up cost and the services you can offer are so varied that you will always be able to find work.

You can mount your machine on then back of a pick up truck, inside a van, on a trailer that is enclosed or even open. Hoses can be easily minatained by the use of hose reels and they can even be electric to make your clean up fast and easy. Parts and supplies are readily available and often are interchangeable between manufactures so that is really not an issue either.

Many pressure washing buiness operators use non caustic detergents that are environmentally friendly so there is rarely an issue with local and state laws. Insurance for a pressure washing business is not real expensive either so you cna offer that information to your porspective clients as they are certainly easier to convince to use your services if you offer that protection.

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